What are the reasons which make Indian food popular all over the world?

Indian food has reached all over the world. With time, its demand has increased not just among Indians but foreigners also prefer to have Indian delicacies. Visiting the best Indian restaurant gives you an array of options to try from. If you are visiting for the first time it might be confusing what to try and what not. No doubt, Indian food has become extremely popular. From the spices to its unique flavour is what urges everyone to give this cuisine a try.

Indian Restaurants

The increased demand of Indian food has helped the Indian restaurants to go abroad and make everyone aware of the taste of Indian food. There are a number of options which you can give a try like biryani, curries, masala dosa, kebabs, chicken tikka masala, and naan. People in China, Australia, Canada, US, UK, and the Middle East like to have Indian food. It is enough to tell that Indian food craze is going global with time.

Great Diversity

Well, every person has their own liking of what type of food they want to try. The Indian food is known for different specialities like South Indian, Rajasthani, Punjabi. Gujarati, Bengali, and Parsi food. Not just that but rolls and chaat have become one of the main parts of Indian food. To enjoy the dish in a better manner you can have naan and chapati with the Indian meal. With 28 states, it means you will have a number of options to try from. Region of one food will be different from the other in terms of taste, presentation, and aroma. It is true that there are no similar dishes which will overlap each other.

North and West cuisine

North Indian food is known for the richness in curd, ghee, cream, and oil. North Indians prefer to have roti, parathas, naans, and kulchas. The preparation of rice is less. Additionally, the meal is loaded with chillies, onion, ginger, and coriander. North Indian people like to have tandoori and Tawa delights.

East India

East Indian people like to have steamed dishes along with rice. They are more inclined towards seafood. Not just the main cuisine, but their sweets and desserts are also different in taste and look from other meals.

South Indian

To get the right taste of seafood and veggies you need to give try to SOuth Indian food. They also know the right way to use coconut. Some of the common dishes which they like to have are ragi roti, chapati, Kesari bath, ragi mudde, and akki roti.

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