What are the topmost authentic Indian food and the benefits it provides?

India is known for its diverse nature and this is perfectly depicted in its food. Indian food is filled with amazing flavors and spices which for sure makes our taste buds go crazy. In case, you have not tried Indian cuisine ever in your life, then this blog will talk you through some of the authentic Indian dishes at the best Indian Restaurant and cafe in Sydney. Moreover, we have also discussed the benefits it offers to your health.
• Pulses
Indian diet is filled with grains and this is the reason it is an important part of the Indian diet. Different pulses are grown in India and these are a must-have to include in your diet. Consuming them daily is going to provide your body with the right amount of protein along with minerals like calcium, iron, zinc, and potassium.

• It reduces the risk of heart disease
• Healthy and provide right amount of protein

Rice is another essential part of Indian food and that is for a long time. It is used in combination with pulses and makes it a balanced diet. It is filled with amino acids. If someone is suffering from constipation, then it should be an integral part of their diet. This is because it helps in eliminating the waste from the body. Moreover, Vitamin B is found in high amounts.

The richness Indian food gets is because of the spices and it adds a different flavor to all the dishes. Each of the spices offers different health benefits. You can say that they are a great source of the disease-fighting agent as most of them are filled with antioxidants.
• Turmeric is considered the best healing property and prevents blood clots.
• Cardamom benefits the metabolism.
• Garam masala contains different minerals and benefits the digestive system.
• Ginger contains anti-inflammatory properties.

Indian menu is filled with different varieties of paneer dishes. This is because it is versatile to make, the presence of fat & cholesterol is less which makes it a healthier food option. It has a high amount of calcium & protein in it which benefits the body. Through its consumption, the fat burning process is higher.

Garlic is the primary source of antibacterial properties and this is the reason it is referred to as a healing agent. It is used in different dishes to make it flavorsome. Moreover, it has different medical properties and reduces cholesterol levels to a great extent. If you want to protect the skin and reduce the sign of aging is the best choice.

Chilies are known for boosting the metabolism and they are a great source of VItamin C. If you like to have spicy food then the Indian menu has that in abundance as chilies are added. Chilies are also considered a great course to treat prostate and lung cancer. Its benefit are:
• Fighting sinus congestion
• Aiding digestion
• Relieve migraines and muscle pain
• Reduce joint and nerve pain

Beans are a great source of protein, calcium, iron, and folic acid. You can cook it in different variations. These are filled with soluble fiber which benefits heart health.


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