Which are the offbeat meals from the types of Indian cuisine you should try?

Types Of Indian Cuisines
29 Indian states are the clear reason behind the diverse taste. Indian cuisine is filled with flavors and without a doubt, it is the most preferred choice not just for Indians but foreigners also. Indian food has even driven Australians crazy. If you have not tried Indian meals, then you should visit the best Indian Restaurant Sydney to enjoy a delectable meal. Here we have mentioned the list of offbeat Indian cuisine which are worth the try.
• Adivasi Cuisine
India’s tribal culture is tech-driven and minimalistic. It is simple and loaded with all the essential nutrients. Chhattisgarh Dhurwa Tribe relishes the chutney made of red and Assam tribals enjoy Eri polu (stir-fried silkworms). The Jharkhand tribe has come across delicious Dhuska which is made through lentils and rice.
• Malenadu Cuisine
It comes from the Malnad region in Karnataka. This cuisine is known for its meaty curries, tangy pickle, and steamed food. Some of the dishes which you should try are fish cooked in tamarind & coconut, and idli-rice & coconut.
• Konkani cuisine
The Konkan regions of Maharashtra & Goa are known for giving spicy, hot, and sour dishes. Some of them are Kolmbo sambar with Kadamb (idli-like), Tepla ambient (fish curry), Tirphal (green Sinchuan pepper), and much more. Although, this cuisine is still not preferred by people outside their region.
• Telangana cuisine
Telangana cuisine is known for the Jonna roti made of millet which is paired with spicy curry, pulusu (tangy-tamarind base), Pappu Charu (rasam), and much more. If you are a meat-lover, then you must give this a try and you can enjoy this with a dash of tamarind leaves.
• Odia cuisine
It is filled with rice and spice but comes under the category of underrated options. However, you should not miss out on the Badi Chuda (fried Vadi), Basi Pakhala, Dahi baingan, Khattas (tangy curries), and much more.
• Mappila cuisine
Mappila cuisine name is derived from Kerala’s Mappila community. This cuisine inspiration is taken from Portuguese, British, Dutch, and Arab cooking approaches. Like one of them being the Mughlai Biryani which is a must-try option!
• Kathiawadi cuisine
Kathiawadi comes from Gujarat and it is known for providing spicy & food cooked with perfection through wood-fire. Some of the additional options which you can try are sev tamatar sabzi, lasaniya batata (potato) with garlic & chilies, Dakor na Gota fritters (fenugreek leaves & gram flour).
• Parsi cuisine
Parsi cuisine has been in India till the 19th century, which has become famous because of the sourness and sweetness. If you are a meat lover, then make sure you try the tamarind chutney as it makes your taste buds get all the flavors it needs.
• Kashmiri cuisine
The Kashmiri food is filled with all the delectable vegetables like Gogji Rajma (Kidney beans with curry and turnip), Wazwan (staple meat-based meal), and Duma Alov (Dum Aloo). If you want to try something sweet then Shufta is the best choice which contains dry fruits, honey, and saffron.
Apart from these, there are different cuisines which you can give a try.

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