How To Manage The Workforce Shortage In Indian Restaurants?

There has always been a scarcity of labor in the Dining Indian Restaurant, but the pandemic and what we have known as “the great resignation” has made the shortage a next-level crisis.

The shortage in the workplace is now undoubtedly one of the most challenging parts that restaurants, in general, face. This problem is starting to hold back many restaurants, just as many are reopening and expanding just after more than a year of fighting the effects of Covid-19.

To top it off, many restaurant owners had to slash the operating hours and reduce the menu list because of the workplace shortage, as it directly has an impact on the “what” and “when” they can serve in the Indian restaurant.

This is also the reason why order Indian food online has become a new norm, as the owner can work more on the food than the hospitality.

How To Survive The Workplace Shortage In A Restaurant?

Many restaurants are turning towards new and modern technology in order to tackle the challenge of operating the whole business with fewer staff members. This makes sure that the operation or functions of the restaurants are flawless as the COVID-19 regulations are lifted around the world, and they are able to serve their customers.

What Is Labor Shortage In Restaurants?

Across the board, there are many workforces that are struggling with the scarcity of workers. Many people are resigning from their existing job to search for new opportunities. And many are unable to sustain the workforce in their business.

But the industry that has suffered the most has been restaurants. Almost 40 % of the restaurant owners have confessed to finding difficulty in finding servers, cooks, and staff members for their hospitality business.

This is why we have listed down some ways to help your business mitigate the challenges of workforce shortage in restaurants through technology to improve the productivity and the efficiency of the team.

Use Inventory Management System For Accurate And Fast Inventory Counts

If you want to have a successful business, it is necessary for you to have a restaurant’s inventory system. Yet there are so many restaurants that are using a time-consuming, manual process with spreadsheets to count and manage their inventory.

Apart from being time-consuming for the employees, it also leads to inaccurate inventory counts that directly affect the profitability of the business. This automatically frees up time for your employee to focus on other tasks and increase productivity.

Increase The Team Process With Restaurant (Point-Of-Scale)

If you have a handheld restaurant point-of-sale (POS), your employees can have one POS in their pocket and conduct many tasks in one visit to the table.

Apart from that, you will also be able to eliminate the need for your staff members to go back to the POS system, again and again, to get the bill ready, bring the bill back to the tables, and then go back to the POS system.


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