Guide to the Indian food menu for the people who will order for the first time

Are you planning to visit the best Indian Restaurant Sydney and that too for the first time? It can be an overwhelming experience as you are not familiar with Indian food and seeing different dishes might confuse you about what to get. There is no surprise that Indian restaurants are present all across the country because of the high demand. It is like Indian restaurants are taking an upturn and Australians prefer to have the Indian dishes because they are spicy (kind of chatpata), sweet, savory, and whatnot! Let’s talk you through the world of Indian Cuisine.

  • Biryani

Well! Biryani is one of the famous Hyderabadi cuisines that are popular all across the world. It is made of long-grain rice, spices, masala, and meat. In case you want to try something vegetarian, then you can also do that.

  • Butter chicken

Now when it comes to butter chicken, people drool over it. It blows away their mind how tasty it can be. The curry is marinated in spices, yogurt, and herbs which gives it the perfect aroma and taste. It can be roasted and served in a rich tomato-based sauce. The gravy contains different spices like cardamom, garlic, garam masala, and much more.

  • Chana masala

Chana masala is chickpeas cooked in a gravy with different spices. Some prefer to have it with gravy and some like to have it not with gravy. In addition, garlic, ginger, chilies, onion, and tomatoes are added. One of the fulfilling and most loved dishes in North India.

  • Chicken tikka masala

Now, if we talk about chicken dishes then you can have many of them. It contains different sauces which will make the taste perfect. Tikka masala is an Indian-originated dish and slowly it gained attention all around the world. The sauce added to the Tikka masala has a blend of different spices and it is yogurt-based.

  • Pakora

Pakoras are perfect for the rainy/monsoon weather. These are a type of fritters that can be made from different vegetables like onion, potato, eggplant (brinjal), paneer, spinach, or anything else. Some even like to call it bajji which makes it the perfect snack and appetizer option.

  • Roti

Roti is the staple of Indian food and it is categorized as bread. It has different types and it is made in different ways. You can have naan, garlic naan, tandoori roti, Tawa roti, and much more. The best part is that you can try them with anything you have ordered.

  • Samosa

If you love to have snacks, then this one is a must-try. It is fried and filled with potatoes & masalas. Although it can have a filling of anything like paneer.

Additional Indian Dishes

  • Dal makhani
  • Malai Kofta
  • Panjim Fish Curry
  • Paneer Tikka

The list can go on and on. If you want to give Indian cuisine a try then step into Sylvania Indian Restaurant for perfect dining and the best food. Visit with your family and friends to have the best time.

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