What makes Indian food the most admired and favourite food of all?

People usually miss the flavour of their home-country dishes when they go to foreign countries. This is the probable reason why so many Indian restaurants in Sydney are getting inaugurated because Indians cannot live without eating Indian food. These restaurants never let the individual miss the taste of their country’s food.

The reader must be wondering about what is so special in Indian food. So let’s shed some light on the speciality of Indian food.

Authentic spices

Almost hundreds of spices are used in Indian cuisine. These spices are the heroes of Indian dishes. Without these, the dishes would not come up with the required flavour. It is the beauty and the power of these spices that add charm and taste to the plain dish. None of us would like to eat the eggplant in its raw or even boiled nature. But when it is cooked with Indian spices, then it comes out to be the most favourite dish of all which we know as ‘BAINGAN KA BHARTA’. The spices are authentically grown and harvested. They are freshly ground before getting incorporated into the dish.

Flavoursome delights

Indians have been gifted with the knowledge of the flavours. They are adept at using the ingredients in a way that the flavour is not getting compromised. The right choice of ingredients, spices, herbs and techniques contribute to bringing about the best flavour from the dishes. Not only the spicy items, but the dessert delights are so perfectly cooked that the[ir flavour is enough to make the individual hypnotized.

A wide variety

There are so many states in India. Each state has its districts and cities. So many are the geographical classifications, that many are the specialised food items.

For example, There is the city Amritsar in Punjab which is famous for its kulche. And since the dish is associated with this city, thus it is known as the Amritsari kulcha.

Thousands OR lakhs of dishes are there in Indian cuisine. The beauty of these dishes lies in the traditional stories behind their origin.

Tasty yet simple

We might think that if the Indian food is so delicious then, it would require so many efforts to come up with the best version of the dish. But no, that is not so. The Indian recipes are so simple that even the beginner can cook these. It requires love and patience to cook these recipes.

For example, Indian atta halwa is a simple recipe that requires the roasting of what is followed by the addition of the sugar syrup made by dissolving the sugar in the water. But the roasting and continuous stirring require patience.

Bottom Line

Indians believe that if you cook any recipe with love, then it will surely be liked by all. Also, everyone will get ‘tripti’ (satisfaction) after eating that. Indians follow some of the food preparation and eating ethics, which makes this cuisine even more tempting and beautiful.

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