Try 7 Iconic Indian Dishes And Explore The Undiscovered Cuisine

Indian food is an iconic cuisine with so many complexities and layers that it is impossible to pinpoint one easily. It is a package of flavors that will burst in your mouth all at once.

If you like to explore new things and are a food lover, it would be a sin to neglect Indian food. An aromatic experience will make your day and fill your stomach and soul.

Come visit our Indian Restaurant In Sydney and try some iconic Indian food items that fall in love with the unique culinary art.

We have so much more to offer you that your plate would be small enough to hold all of that.

Hence, let us start from the basics to give you an understanding and let you put a foot in Indian cuisine.

7 things That You Should Try At An Indian Restaurant

We have got an extensive menu that has something for everyone. From mild to extremely spicy, we are here to deliver what our customer desires.

  • Tandoori lamb

You might have heard about tandoori chicken; it is a common Indian Food in Sydney that people order. But do not limit your taste buds to chicken; explore a little more. Our tandoori lamb is scrumptious, juicy, tender, and packed with many flavors and spices. Do not sleep on it, and try it as your appetizer.

  • Samosa chaat

People love to indulge in samosa. It is a perfect blend of all textures and spices. Deep-fried pastry filled with spices and potatoes. What else would you want more? Imagine samosa topped with many other ingredients, such as curd, tamarind chutney, and mint chutney! Presenting you- samosa Chaat – a perfect snack item with infinite flavors.

  • Baingan Patiala

Did you ever consider eggplant to be the star of the dish? Well, baingan Patiala will open your eyes and taste buds to that notion. Our chef grilled or charred the baigan (eggplant) and peeled off the skin. The chef adds various spices and herbs and tempers the mashed eggplant to give it a definite flavor.

  • Bombay Potatoes

Who does not love to devour delicious potatoes? We have specialty Bombay potatoes that are mild, light, and full of different dimensions. You can pair it with some roti or add it as a side dish for a kick.

  • Palak Paneer

Add fun to your green leafy vegetables! Paneer cubes in palak gravy? A combination that you did not know you needed. It is a creamy dish with cheese cubes- everything that makes a dish delicious! Order palak paneer along with some butter naan and enjoy the savory and velvety item.

  • Chicken vindaloo

Butter chicken is evergreen, and you can never go wrong with it. But if you want to try something spicy and unique, opt for chicken vindaloo. It is a spicy preparation with tender chicken pieces.

  • Madras beef

A south Indian preparation that has beef in it. A spicy coconut gravy with tender beef pieces. Order some steaming rice along with it and enjoy the meal.


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